JULY TREE第二回目の展示は福島在住の若きイラストレーター、レイモンド・ペティボンやローバート・クラムを彷彿させる荒削りなタッチで便箋、ノート、チラシの裏等様々なマテリアルに書き殴られたドローイングと言葉たち、往年のアメリカへの憧憬をオブセッションにして作品を生み出している矢吹純(やぶき じゅん)。

1冊目の作品集「NOTHING」を栃木のHOOK BOOKSから、2冊目の作品集「LIGHT HERE, LIGHT NOW」つくばのPEOPLE BOOKSTOREから刊行し、展示会も古書コンコ堂や誠光社で開催されるなどこれまで全国の高感度な情報発信型インディペンデント・ブックストアで愛されてきた矢吹による初のギャラリーでの展示、『BOTTLE TREE~world according to blues~』Jun Yabuki Drawing Exhibitionとなります!

今回はコロナ禍を経て、近年、矢吹が魅了されてやまないブルースをメタファーとした、ダンボールにアクリルで描かれた本展示の為の描き下ろしによるLPレコードサイズのポートレイトを中心とした作品展を7月7日(金)より開催いたします。 原画販売、限定グッズ等も販売予定! (会期:7月7日(金)~7月23 日(日)予定。詳しい営業日時はSNSを参照下さい。)




ゲストに、矢吹の「LIGHT HERE, LIGHT NOW」を刊行したPEOPLE BOOKSTORE店主である植田浩平、著書「GET BACK, SUB! あるリトル・マガジンの魂」で伝説的なリトルマガジン編集者・小島素治を追いかけ「サブ・カルチュア」とは何かを探索するライター、編集者である北沢夏音、そしてJULY TREE第一回目の展示をキュレーションした音楽プロデューサーの薮下晃正をお迎えし、矢吹の作品を軸に地方のインディペンデント・ブックストアが作品集を出版するということ、また本展示のテーマでもあるブルースに端を発しイラストと音楽の関係性など、様々な角度から本展示に迫るトークショーとなります。ぜひお見逃しなく!



▪︎矢吹純(やぶき じゅん)プロフィール

1991年生まれ。イラストレーター。独学で絵を描き続け、2017年作品集「NOTHING」刊行と同時に活動開始。古書店で展示を重ね、2021年二冊目の作品集「LIGHT HERE, LIGHT NOW」刊行。


『BOTTLE TREE~world according to blues~』Jun Yabuki Drawing Exhibition

The second exhibition of JULY TREE will feature Jun Yabuki, a young illustrator living in Fukushima. Rough-edged drawings and words reminiscent of Raymond Pettibon and Robert Crumb, scribbled on various materials such as cardboard, notebooks, and the backs of flyers. He creates his work with his old yearning for America as an obsession. The first book “NOTHING” was published from HOOK BOOKS in Tochigi, and the second book “LIGHT HERE, LIGHT NOW” was published from PEOPLE BOOKSTORE in Tsukuba. The title of this exhibition is 『BOTTLE TREE〜world according to blues〜』Jun Yabuki Drawing Exhibition. After an exhibition at bookstores, it will be his first gallery exhibition!

In recent years, after the pandemic, Yabuki himself has been fascinated by the blues. He uses them as metaphors in his paintings. The exhibition will be held from July 7th (Friday), mainly featuring LP record size portraits drawn with acrylic on cardboard specially drawn for this exhibition.


【Event announcement】

A talk show will be held on July 16th to commemorate the opening of this exhibition.

The guests included Kohei Ueda, the owner of PEOPLE BOOKSTORE, who published Yabuki’s “LIGHT HERE, LIGHT NOW”, Natsune Kitazawa, a writer and editor who explores what “subculture” is in pursuit of the legendary Little Magazine editor Motoharu Kojima in the book “GET BACK, SUB! Soul of a Little Magazine”, and Terumasa Yabushita, the music producer who curated the first exhibition of JULY TREE, to focus on Yabuki’s works. It will be a talk show that approaches this exhibition from various angles, such as the fact that a local independent bookstore will publish a collection of works in the future, and the relationship between illustrations and music that originated in the blues, which is the theme of this exhibition. . Do not miss!Please refer to SNS for details of information.


▪︎Jun Yabuki : biography

Illustrator born in 1991. He continued to paint on his own and started his career in 2017 with the publication of his collection of works “NOTHING”. He has been exhibiting at bookstores, and in 2021 he will publish his second collection of works “LIGHT HERE, LIGHT NOW”.